About Us

XIONN is a well diversified organization with various profiles and has various divisions, working towards different directions, these may be merely tools for endorsing a BRAND, but with our creative & technical staff, they make an unbeatable combination. With the best minds working in the right direction, the tools they use should be nothing less than the best.

Construction Chemicals Divisions (Offering Construction Chemicals)

We were always clear that to make XIONN an enduring brand and an eternal organization, we need to create sense of belonging. While XIONN has been growing tremendously over the years, so have the bunch of talented and dedicated people who have made it possible. Not surprisingly, we have perhaps the lowest altrition rate in the industry..XIONN is Authorized Distributor of Fibrex Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., an ISO-9001-2000 certified company, manufacturers of Construction Chemicals range of products:

Core Competencies

  • Consultative Approach [CA]: XIONN - Follows a very Consultative approach , our Marketing & Technical members would first ask you about your business, your goals and they say *WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT* and offer Fibrex products accordingly.

  • Operational Excellence. [OPEX]: A methodology for solving the problems & continuous improvement of products & process through pursuit, acquisition & utilization of knowledge, using critical taught and planned experimentation helps us to achieve Operational Excellence.