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XIONN have various divisions, working towards different directions, these may be merely tools for endorsing a brand, but with our creative & technical staff, they make an unbeatable combination. With the best minds working in the right direction, the tools they use should be nothing less than the best. XIONN is a well diversified organization with various profiles and following Divisions.

  • IT Services (Offering IT Solutions for Security Services, Networking & System Integration etc.)
  • Construction Chemicals Divisions (Offering Construction Chemicals)
  • IMPEX Division (Services for Importing & Exporting of various products)
  • OUTMARK Division (OUTMARK is a Division, providing services for the organizations, who would like to outsource marketing rights for their products.)

Over the years, we have learnt with experience and refined our systems and processes towards perfection. Our documentation is clear cut and water tight. This means that we have taken care of all the minute details involved in providing you the best results. The process always undergoes a series of checks. We always believe in keeping things perfect. It helps our image, and always satisfies the customer.

Some people are good with imagination, while some are great at implementation. What you find at XIONN, is a combination. We have made sure that while our creative team is busy designing dreams for the clients; our technical staff is busy converting those dreams into reality. It may be schizophrenic, but as you can see for yourself, it works and works well. It's all about maintaining a balance.

We never make deals, we make relationships. We make sure that our clients keep coming back to us by ensuring them value for money, the best quality work, and most importantly, work on time the very first time they come to us. Our relationships are built on bedrock of trust and we intend to keep it that way. It takes more than being good at your work to be the BEST in the business, you have to be flexible and always remember that the client comes first.

We were always clear that to make XIONN an enduring brand and an eternal organization, we need to create sense of belonging. While XIONN has been growing tremendously over the years, so have the bunch of talented and dedicated people who have made it possible. Not surprisingly, we have perhaps the lowest altrition rate in the industry.

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